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About The Italian Connection

We are a small independent company, run by its founding partners who started in business because they love good quality, ethical coffee, and still do!

We are proud to be passionate about  ethically traded  coffee! The two of us personally select all of the products we sell. By the nature of the coffee industry, some have to be a little generic but others like our fine Italian coffees. As well as our coffees, all coffee and espresso machines are hand-picked by us, and what's more, many of our products can only be found on our website!

We believe in providing you with the best quality products we can, and that means the freshest. All our Italian suppliers deliver to us every 4 weeks with  ethically traded  coffee that is freshly roasted to order. It only takes 5 days to reach us from Italy so you can be assured that what you buy is still at its best.

Ethical Coffee Trading

We stock fairtrade , bird-friendly, Rainforest Alliance,  ethically traded coffee and all of our green beans are purchased at above market rates so the growers get a good deal.

We also like to take direct action ourselves and, to that end, we support the Coffee Kids charity, whose mission statement is:
"To help coffee-farming families improve their quality of life."

More information, and ideas of how you can help can be found on their website.

To find out more about the coffee we sell, get in touch:
01202 434 800

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